Online sales_E-sales platforms

Selling online or through seller platforms looks easy and transparant but the single processes can turn into a timeconsuming task. Especially taken all the special VAT rules into account it will dazzle most business.

Where in the normal trading business the amounts are limited in the online trading business it can go into more than hundreds of sales per day. Added the differend sales chanels to that and soon it might get confusing.

Using the FBA programm mostly vat is due in that country where you store your products; with one single check mark Amazon can store your product in 7 different EU countries. So with one single tick you are taxable in 7 countries. Just pay attention whilst setting up your account. Also all movements of goods between the FBA warehouses in other EU countries are taxable movements.

Finally you have to keep checking the distance sales amounts to private customers in other EU countries. Crossing the treshold of €35.000 or €100.000 , depending on what country, makes you taxable in that coutry and from that moment.

Our advice and vatservices are especially designed for online sellers